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Composing Comedy

Come one and all to learn about composing comedy in music.  The event, hosted by the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto, explores the treatment of humour, play, and games in new music and media.

We’ll be performing a piece that was premiered earlier this year at the Toy Piano Composer show, Pandora’s Box, entitled FISHER PRICE LAUGH & LEARN WITH FRIENDS MUSICAL TABLE.

Take a listen!  And click here for details on the event.


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A great time to check out Tafelmusik

Tafelmusik is welcoming Amandine Beyer, an incredible virtuoso violinist, with ‘Music of the French Baroque‘, December 4-7 at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, Jeanne Lamon Hall.

If you’re 35 & Under, you should come have a wine with me at Saturday night’s show.  Select Saturday’s are Tafelscene night, where we get together with musicians at intermission for a chance to mingle amongst other music lovers.

Check out the event by clicking here – tickets start at just $15!

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Blythwood Winds @ CMC!

It’s Thanksgiving Monday.  You’ll be tired of turkey (probably).  What better way to celebrate the autumn season than blustery wind music from your favourite wind quintet, Blythwood Winds!

The incredible Emily Rho will be joining us in this celebration of some of the best Canadian music, and the performance of Austrian Ludwig Thuille’s Sextet.  The concert is part of the Canadian Music Centre’s popular ‘CMC on the 13th’ series, complete with holiday refreshments!

When: Monday, Oct 13 at 5:30pm
Where: Canadian Music Centre (20 St. Joseph St, Toronto)

CLICK HERE for tickets!

A Canadian Zephyr

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Super Fun Concert Time with Fisher Price!

OK, that’s not the title of the concert – it’s actually Pandora’s Box, the season opener for the Toy Piano Composers.  And it’s going to be an amazingly imaginative concert focusing on invented instruments and other oddities (including, in fact, a Fisher Price toddler toy in Elisha Denburg‘s Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table).

Also featured will be works by guest composer’s Anthony T. Marasco, Jason Doell, and TPC regulars Daniel Brophy, Monica Pearce, and Fiona Ryan.

Concert takes place this Sat, Sep 20 at The Music Gallery (197 John St) - click here to buy tickets!

Pandora's Box

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#AudienceDevelopment – A New (Haven) Concert project

I got a nice email from a former classmate, David Perry, who went on to study clarinet at the Yale School of Music.

He is trying a new project, that in addition to creating a relaxed concert environment, has a very important educational aspect.

In David’s words:

“This is an effort to combine the arts of performance and teaching all into one concert.  What we do is contract different ensembles, all professionals, to come and give a concert at The English Building Market in downtown New Haven.  The unique thing is that each ensemble will also do some teaching right before their concert starts, because there will be a group of local music students opening the show for them…

…This is a vision for the future of music whereby each performance advocates for music education in schools”

Read about it and consider donating!  Click here to learn more.

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Come check out INTERsection @Tranzac

I’ll be performing with the Toy Piano Composers Ensemble this Friday (Sep 5, 7:30pm), as INTERsection takes over the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Ave)

Featuring some of the finest young ensembles/performers of contemporary music in Toronto, this multi-room event includes the, the Thin Edge New Music Collective, Kyle Brenders Quartet, the junctQín keyboard collective, and of course the TPC Ensemble.

The event is put on by CONTACT contemporary music.  Check out the Facebook event.

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What do you do? More importantly, why do you do it?

Oftentimes in this modern world, it can be difficult to gather the energy to face the day.  An onslaught of news, not-so-happy people on public transit, the realization of how much needs to get done to be a productive member of society – all of this can be a lot to take in.

And so, what I’ve learned over the summer is that reading books, especially books that inspire, can be a wonderful way of switching one’s own mindset to a more positive light.

And I don’t mean book as escapism – that is a fine activity as well.  I mean books that challenge you to think about your everyday life, to take time and consider every nuance of every decision throughout the day (it’s been said that life is just a series of decisions – you might as well choose as correctly as you can).

One such book that I recently read was called ‘START WITH WHY’ by Simon Sinek.  An amazing book, Sinek looks at certain companies and historical figures to discover why some rise above the top, despite having exactly the same resources as everyone else.  The simplified answer?  They figure out WHY they do what they do, not just what or how.  They discover their meaning, their cause.

Truly an inspiring read, I won’t give any more away.  Click here for the website.

And here is the video that has spread like wildfire:


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