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#AudienceDevelopment – A New (Haven) Concert project

I got a nice email from a former classmate, David Perry, who went on to study clarinet at the Yale School of Music.

He is trying a new project, that in addition to creating a relaxed concert environment, has a very important educational aspect.

In David’s words:

“This is an effort to combine the arts of performance and teaching all into one concert.  What we do is contract different ensembles, all professionals, to come and give a concert at The English Building Market in downtown New Haven.  The unique thing is that each ensemble will also do some teaching right before their concert starts, because there will be a group of local music students opening the show for them…

…This is a vision for the future of music whereby each performance advocates for music education in schools”

Read about it and consider donating!  Click here to learn more.

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