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What do you do? More importantly, why do you do it?

Oftentimes in this modern world, it can be difficult to gather the energy to face the day.  An onslaught of news, not-so-happy people on public transit, the realization of how much needs to get done to be a productive member of society – all of this can be a lot to take in.

And so, what I’ve learned over the summer is that reading books, especially books that inspire, can be a wonderful way of switching one’s own mindset to a more positive light.

And I don’t mean book as escapism – that is a fine activity as well.  I mean books that challenge you to think about your everyday life, to take time and consider every nuance of every decision throughout the day (it’s been said that life is just a series of decisions – you might as well choose as correctly as you can).

One such book that I recently read was called ‘START WITH WHY’ by Simon Sinek.  An amazing book, Sinek looks at certain companies and historical figures to discover why some rise above the top, despite having exactly the same resources as everyone else.  The simplified answer?  They figure out WHY they do what they do, not just what or how.  They discover their meaning, their cause.

Truly an inspiring read, I won’t give any more away.  Click here for the website.

And here is the video that has spread like wildfire:


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Arts Administrator
In addition to being a professional flutist, Timothy Crouch is also an avid arts administrator. Passionately devoted to the accessibility of 'classical' music in Canadian society, Mr. Crouch is constantly pursuing creative methods to reach new audiences. This passion has resulted in Tim taking on several roles with arts organizations in Toronto.
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Flutist & Performer
Timothy Crouch is an exciting, up-and-coming flutist based in Toronto, Ontario. Across Southern Ontario he is in demand as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, as well as a sought after studio musician for film recordings. Notably, in 2010 Mr. Crouch was awarded with the top prize in the first annual Canadian Flute Association Competition.
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